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In the Android World, Samsung is a brand whose tablet or mobile phone is the flagship to compete with Apple. However, there are several other means by which Samsung is unable to capture that potential market.

Maybe it’s because of the lace feature, maybe it’s for Apple’s saturated market. For now, Samsung has only one series to compete with the iPad, and that is the Galaxy Tab S series. Well, the Galaxy Tab S8 series offered a number of things last year, but failed to make the market as big as the iPad. Even though all the devices in the Android world are the same, but it is lagging behind due to the various pro features of the iPad, what will happen this time?

Geekbench Score of Galaxy tab S8+

Maybe. However, the Galaxy S8 Plus is spotted on the GeekBench with Snapdragon 696 with a single core score of 1211 and a multicore score of 3193. It is also spotted with the highlight features of Snapdragon 696 such as 3 GHz high clock speed, 2.50 GHz mid clock speed and 1.69 GHz base clock speed. Although this tab is listed with its model number – SM-X808U code. With the exception of the chipset, the specs of the display will be the same as before, with a high-fresh Emoled display and stylistic support.

Galaxy Tab S8+ high quality render via OneLeaks

Out of the box it will have Android 12L and 8GB RAM. The price is not yet certain. But how do you like this device?


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